Alicia Glen Victory Party Protest and Rally


Press Contact: Imani Henry
Tel: 646 820-6039

Alicia Glen Stepping Down as Deputy Mayor of Gentrification Victory Party
Protest and Rally
January 27, 2019 1-3pm
105th St. & West End Ave (Gathering Point)

Brooklyn and Queens activists are hosting a victory party for Alicia Glen stepping down as the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development or as she is better known, the Deputy Mayor of Gentrification for her accomplishments in the mass displacement of New Yorkers.

BAN’s third annual Alicia Glen Protest will highlight her recent success in bringing Amazon in and lower income and/or people of color out of Queens and Brooklyn. Glen is responsible for implementing economic and housing development in New York.

Some of her past deeds include directing over 1 billion dollars in subsides and tax breaks to three non profits developers, L+M Development, BFC Partners, and BRP Development. In return, they built 29 mixed-income projects, which produced almost no housing that was actually affordable to people in the neighborhoods in which they were built.

Alicia Glen continues to support the 1.5 Billion dollar tax break to Amazon, stating the most important thing about the deal was “that we get the public benefits that are important for all New Yorkers”, completely ignoring the fact that tax payers will be paying $100,000 for each job that Amazon will be creating. She also admitted that there is “no statutory authority to require local hiring. That’s another thing people need to understand. You cannot require a company to hire locally.” This means while the city will be paying for these jobs, those jobs will not be going to the local residents!

Some Statistics regarding Homelessness and Rent Burden:

  • Almost 700,000 households in New York City were rent burdened (spent over 30% of their income on rent)
  • Over 400,000 of rent burden households make less than $25,000
  • Over 582,000 NYC households face severe housing pressure due to cost and/or crowding.
  • More than 5,000 families with children have been in the shelter system more than two years, a number that has risen 15 percent in the last year (2018).
  • Under Alicia Glens tenure, NYC homelessness has reached the highest levels since the Great Depression in the 1930’s
  • In September 2018 there were over 64,000 homeless people sleeping in shelters, with another 10,000 in the streets
  • 89 percent of people in the shelter system are comprised of Black and/or Latinx people
  • In 2017 over 230,000 eviction cases were filed by landlords.


In spite of these statistics, Glen said “for the past four years, we have been the leader in affordable housing policy, if not in the country, in the goddamn world.”
BAN demands Amazon out of New York and an affordable housing plan that works, not de Blasio’s housing plan. Stop the mass displacement of New Yorkers.

Fight against Racism, Gentrification, and the Amazon Deal



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