BAN in the Press

“Radical Urban Planning Can Fight Gentrification with Affordable Housing.” (Truthout, 02/24/2020)

De Blasio Rejects Community’s Plan For Bushwick Rezoning.” (Gothamist, 01/13/2020)

“High Rises In Bushwick? City’s Rezoning Scheme Ignores Previous Community Plans.” (The Indypendent, 12/19/2019)

“Role of Art in Navigating Bushwick’s Gentrification Minefield.” (Bklyner, 12/12/2019)

“Locals and Activists Continue Resistance to Bushwick Rezoning.” (Bushwick Daily, 12/2/2019)

“Bushwick-Based Coalition Mounts Campaign, Starts Petition Against City’s Rezoning Plan.” (BK Reader, 11/08/2019)

“Ditmas Park Does Not Exist, Census Map Shows.” (Patch, 10/29/2019)

“Zombie House Faces Boycott After Woman Says Assault Went Ignored.” (10/10/2019)

“With Bushwick’s future at stake, neighbors vie to be heard” (Brooklyn Eagle, 06/28/2019)

“Backlash in Bushwick over city’s rezoning plan” (Brooklyn Eagle, 04/24/2019)

“Judge Temporarily Blocks Controversial Crown Heights Towers” (BKReader, 04/23/2019)

“Bushwick Awaits City’s Rezoning Proposal” (City Limits, 04/22/2019)

“Community Plans For Bushwick, Worries It Will Not Matter” (Bklyner, 04/12/2019)

“Opponents Paint Doomsday Vision Of Mega-Development At Town Hall” (Patch, 04/08/2019)

“Hoping to Dictate City Rezoning and Stem Gentrification, Locals Put Forth Bushwick Community Plan” (Gotham Gazette, 09/26/2018)

“New Yorkers protest gentrification, police violence” (Video, PressTV, 09/17/2018)

“Protesters rally against gentrification, ICE in Brooklyn” (Daily News, 09/15/2018)

“Brooklyn to March Against Gentrification & Police Violence” (Patch, 09/12/2018)

“Bushwick Plan’s Unveiling Nears Amid Tension Over Possible Rezoning” (City Limits, 08/01/2018)

“‘Decolonize This Place’ Protesters Disrupt Brooklyn Museum, Condemn ‘Imperial Plunder'” (Gothamist, 04/30/2018)

“Protesters rally against gentrification, violence, racism in first borough-wide march” (Amsterdam News, 09/21/2017)

“Anti-Gentrification Protesters March Through Brooklyn” (Gothamist, 09/11/2017)

Anti-Gentrification March Will Lead Protesters Through Brooklyn” (Patch, 08/11/2017)

Organizing Against Gentrification and Displacement” (Video, BRIC TV, 03/27/2017)

“Demonstrators protest gentrification outside Make It in Brooklyn pitch competition” (, 09/29/2016)

“The Patch Interview: Flatbush Anti-Gentrification Activist Imani Henry” (Patch, 09/02/2016)

“In Brooklyn, a Forum Focuses the Fight Against Displacement” (Hyperallergic, 08/01/2016)

“Anti-Gentrification Protesters Call Borough President “The Biggest Uncle Tom In Brooklyn” (Gothamist, 03/31/2016)

“Fighting Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Luxury Housing’ Plan” (HuffPost, 02/04/2016)

“New York’s housing plan will displace longtime residents — so neighborhoods are fighting back” (Grist, 12/24/2015)

“Why Artists and Activists Are Protesting the Brooklyn Museum” (Artsy, 11/18/2015)

“Anti-Gentrification Activists Protest Real Estate Summit at Brooklyn Museum” (Hyperallergic, 11/17/2015)

“‘It Is Clear That It Is Time for a Revolution’: At the Protests Against the Real Estate Summit at the Brooklyn Museum” (Art News, 11/17/2015)

“Protesters Slam Real Estate Summit At Brooklyn Museum: ‘It’s Like Vultures Descending On The City'” (Gothamist, 11/17/2015)

“Anti-gentrification rally hits Brooklyn Real Estate Summit” (Video, Ruptly, 11/17/2015)

“Art and Real Estate Collide at Events in the Bronx and at the Brooklyn Museum” (New York Times, 11/05/2015)

“The Gentrifier’s Guide: Art Is Long, Leases are Short” (The Daily Voice, 08/25/2015)


One thought on “BAN in the Press

  1. The city need this movement for the people. It’s been too long since our LEADERS have been assassinated….. OUR voices will finally be heard..


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