Comrades in Struggle

The work to keep our communities in their homes goes far beyond Brooklyn to the rest of the city and the country. Check out our fellow anti-gentrification organizations below:

New York City

Decolonize This Place is a movement space, action-oriented around indigenous struggle, black liberation, Free Palestine, workers and de-gentrification.

Hydro Punk is an artist-centered movement that is striving to create a art scene that recognizes the politics and culture that the Bronx is rooted on.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio is an immigrant-led, grassroots organization fighting for justice in East Harlem, New York.

Queens Neighborhoods United is a broad-based anti-BID working group of community folks in Corona, Elmhurst, and Jackson Heights fighting displacement and criminalization.

Ridgewood Tenants Union (Queens) is an organization building power among community members to fight displacement.

Take Back The Bronx is a non-funded grassroots organization that has been working in the Bronx since 2011. We organize against police brutality, community violence, slum housing and worker exploitation, and for community power and control.

Youth Against Displacement is a group of young people across NYC to fight displacement by demanding community-led rezoning plans and the “gentrifier-in-chief” Mayor de Blasio step down.


ChiResists is an independent, revolutionary, educational, community centered, art focused resistance effort based in Chicago.

Defend Boyle Heights (Los Angeles) is an autonomous coalition committed to building community power against gentrification principally through direct actions that target institutions and individuals that are aligned with the capitalist, pro-gentrification status quo.

Defend Our Hoodz/ Defiende El Barrio Austin is an organization building revolutionary power to fight displacement and gentrification in Austin.


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