The real estate corporations, big business elite, and the New York City political machine have banded together to build luxury housing, promote the police occupation of our neighborhoods, and destroy the cultural, social, and economic diversity of our communities all in the name of making a profit. The time is Now! for Brooklyn residents and groups to create a grassroots movement and campaign to prevent the displacement of low-to-middle income people, elders, families and mom-and-pop businesses from Brooklyn.

We Say, “Not one more person displaced! Not one more luxury development, until we have affordable housing for all!”

The following is our twelve-point platform directed at New York City and State government that serves as both our points of unity as well as goals that we are determined to win through grassroots organizing, mass-based political education, policy change and direct action.  Affordable for who? Affordable for  us!

What are our demands?

1. We demand universal rent-stabilization in NYC.
2. We demand that not one more rent-stabilized unit is destabilized and an end to tenant harassment.
3. We demand hands off New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).
4. We demand hands off SCRIE, DRIE, and HASA.
5. We demand that NYC Council pass The Small Business Jobs Survival Act– SBJSA Intro 0402-2014. Keep neighborhood businesses safe.
6. We demand that Area Median Income (AMI) is based on the community where housing will be built
7. We demand that Mayor De Blasio stop allowing NYC land and housing to be bought up by foreign investors.
8. We demand a permanent end to the 421-A and similar tax breaks that subsidize luxury development and investment of the billion dollar plus yearly giveaway in immediate construction of permanent housing for the homeless.
9. We demand an end to the construction of segregated housing.
10. We demand that community boards are elected, not appointed.
11. We demand full transparency of Mayor De Blasio’s Housing Plan.
12. We demand alternative and creative affordable housing for all.

Read more about each demand here.

The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN) was initiated by Equality for Flatbush in  2015.

Member Organizations of The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)

As of April 2019