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Contact: Imani Henry    Telephone: 646.342.9673

E-mail:                Website:


June 9, 2015


Organizations and Activists come together to launch borough-wide Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (B.A.N.)


B.A.N. calls for 11:30 AM demonstration for Tuesday, June 16th at Fifth Annual Only Brooklyn® Real Estate Summit at BAM, 30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217


On June 16th, Brooklyn activists will launch The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (B.A.N.) the 1st-ever grassroots borough-wide coalition to fight gentrification. Directed at the New York City government, B.A.N’s ten-point platform is geared to stop the rampant corporate  gentrification that has caused the displacement of countless Brooklyn residents. According to the coalition’s website, “The real estate corporations, big business elite, and the New York City political machine have banded together to build luxury housing, promote the police occupation of our neighborhoods, and destroy the cultural, social, and economic diversity of our communities all in the name of making a profit.   


B.A.N Demands:


  • We demand  that Average Median Income (AMI)  is based on the community where housing will be built.
  • We demand that community boards are elected, not appointed.
  • We demand a rebuttal presumption requirement in the 197-A Plan process.
  • We demand an end to the 421-A tax break.
  • We demand that not one more rent-stabilized unit’s rent is destabilized.
  • We demand hands off SCRIE, DRIE, and HASA.
  • We demand no “Poor Doors”.
  • We demand alternative and creative affordable housing for all.
  • We demand the passing of The Small Business Jobs Survival Act – SBJSA Intro 0402-2014
  • We demand full transparency of Mayor De Blasio’s Housing Plan.

 A full description of the B.A.N platform and demands see:


The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) is a mass-based coalition of tenants, homeowners, block associations, anti-police brutality groups, legal and grassroots organizations working together to end the rampant gentrification and displacement of low to middle income residents of Brooklyn, New York.


(BAN) Initiating Endorsers include:


Bushwick Housing Independence Project

El Grito de Sunset Park

Equality for Flatbush

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE)

Movement to Protect The People

Northwest Bushwick Community Group

Reclaim Bushwick

The Artist Studio Affordability Project

The Audre Lorde Project

The 320 Sterling Street Tenants Association

The Bushwick Cop Watch Team of Peoples’ Justice for Community Control and and Police Accountability

The Crystal House Project of The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

The East Flatbush Cop Watch Team of

Peoples’ Justice for Community Control and and Police Accountability

Third Root Community Health Center


According to B.A.N., “The time is Now! for Brooklyn residents and groups to create a grassroots movement and campaign to prevent the displacement of low-to-middle income people, elders, families and mom-and-pop businesses from Brooklyn. We Say, Not 1 more person displaced! Not 1 more luxury development, until we have affordable housing for all!”


For details to on  Tuesday, June 16th Protest Corporate Gentrification at Fifth Annual Only Brooklyn® Real Estate Summit see the BAN Facebook page:


Brooklyn organizations and agencies can become an endorser by emailing:


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