BAN Statement of June 2018 CB4 Meeting Shutdown

Victory! Bushwick residents and their supporters shutdown CB4 vote on #BushwickRezoning.


On June 20th, Mi Casa No Es Su Casa, G-REBLS and The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN) led a successful direct action to shut down the Community Board 4 (CB4) community meeting in Bushwick to prevent the board from voting in favor of the Bushwick Community Plan which would open the neighborhood up to extensive rezoning which will lead to the displacement of the long-time residents of the area.


Unbeknownst to the community, CB4 had strategically placed several plainclothes NYPD officers in the room.  Video footage shows community members and activists being shoved, punched, and nearly arrested by plainclothes officers during the action.  Despite the violent attack by the NYPD, the community was able to successfully shut down the meeting and stop the vote on the Bushwick Community Plan.


Mi Casa No Es Su Casa, G-REBLS and The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN) want to thank all the Bushwick-Brooklyn community members and our supporters who packed the room, held banners and chanted to demand that CB4 finally allow residents to speak out against the rezoning.  The next CB4 meeting will be held in September 2018 and we urge all CB4 members to vote NO on The Bushwick Community Plan.


We encourage community members to come to the next Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN) meeting on June 25th at 7pm at the Solidarity Center 147 West 24th Street, 2nd floor in Manhattan to help plan for more summer actions against the gentrification of Bushwick and Brooklyn-wide.

Photos of  June 20th CB4 action


#BushwickNoSeVende #BrooklynNoSeVende #FreeBushwick #BrooklynisNotforSale


Mi Casa No Es Su Casa and G-REBLS  are member organizations and part of the steering committee of The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN).
The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) statement against the Bushwick Community Plan :For more info contact : 646-820-6039|


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