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SAVE THE DATE : Annual Brooklyn-Wide March Against Racism, Gentrification and Police Violence, September 15th 2018 #BKMarch2018 

Mobilize with The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network – BAN for a Brooklyn-wide March against Racism, Gentrification and Police Violence on SATURDAY September 15th

Our neighborhoods are being torn apart by skyrocketing rents and terrorized by police brutality. Low-to-middle income New Yorkers are being priced out or displaced by gentrification while our city is being made over into a playground for the super rich.
We say NO MORE!

Check out the BAN facebook page or events web page for the next planning meeting.

Endorse #BKMarch2018 ! To have your community group, anti-police brutality group or family, place of worship, small business, tenant organization, etc. endorse the Brooklyn-wide March against Racism, Gentrification & Police Brutality
Contact : info@bangentrification.org
or call/text (646) 820 -6039


Hashtags we will also use :

Endorsers as of August 10th 2018

*denotes BAN Member Organization

  • The 441 Brooklyn Avenue Tenants Association
  • The 693 Madison Street Tenants Association
  • The Artist Studio Affordability Project (ASAP)*
  • Bay Ridge for Social Justice
  • Black Alliance for Just Immigration*
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • Brooklyn Laundry Social Club
  • Brooklyn Treasures Uncovered
  • Common Notions
  • The Committee for Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr.
  • The Crystal House Project*
  • The CUNY Adjunct Project
  • Donkeysaddle Projects
  • East Harlem Preservation
  • Elevtr
  • Equality for Flatbush*
  • The Family of Shantel Davis
  • Fight Back Bay Ridge
  • Flower Lovers Against Corruption (FLAC)
  • G-RBLS*
  • The Grand Putnam Tenants Association
  • Haiti Liberté
  • Hoods4Justice
  • JACK*
  • Jehu’s Table
  • Justice For All Coalition
  • Metropolitan Community Church
  • Mi Casa No Es Su Casa: Illumination Against Gentrification*
  • Movement to Protect the People (MTOPP)*
  • OccupyRadio
  • The Peoples Power Assemblies – NYC
  • Picture The Homeless
  • Queens Neighborhoods United
  • Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP)
  • Radix Media
  • Southwest Brooklyn Tenant Union*
  • Third Root Community Health Center*
  • URIP (The Undoing Racism Internship Project)
  • VirtualBoricua.org
  • White Noise Collective – NYC
  • Why Accountability

Endorse #BKMarch2018 !  September 15th 2018  To have your community group, anti-police brutality group or family, place of worship, small business, tenant organization, etc. endorse the Brooklyn-wide March against Racism, Gentrification & Police Brutality

Contact :  info@bangentrification.org

or call/text (646) 820 -6039

The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) Statement of Solidarity with the people of Palestine  May 23, 2018

The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine fighting an ongoing, violent, settler colonial invasion and calls on the US government to  break all ties with the apartheid state of Israel.

The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network is a people of color-led, mass-based coalition of tenants, homeowners, block associations, anti-police brutality groups, legal and grassroots organizations working together to end the rampant gentrification and displacement of low to middle income residents of Brooklyn, New York.  Like colonization, gentrification is facilitated by state-sponsored police violence which terrorizes, criminalizes, and displaces Black and Brown New Yorkers, in order to clear the way for newcomers.

We stand in opposition to Israel’s attempt to carry out genocidal violence against the Palestinian people, who are the indigenous peoples to the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. We believe that as people living under occupation,  Palestinians have a right to struggle for the liberation of their country, and the right to return for those who have been forced into the exile through United States-backed Israeli policies and violence.

Since the Great March of Return began less than two months ago, over 100 unarmed non-violent Palestinian protesters have been murdered and thousands grievously injured by Israeli military and police forces using sniper rifles, tear gas canisters deployed from drones, and specialized bullets designed to inflict maximum damage among other weaponry. Much of these arms have been funded by billions of dollars from the United States government, tax-deductible donations from US-based non-profits, as well as investment from US corporations. Unarmed Palestinians are often used as a testing ground for new military technology and tactics that are later snapped up by municipal police departments in the United States, who in turn use it disproportionately against Indigenous,  Black and Brown communities.

The legacy of the US is built on the invasion and theft of land from the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, to the current  theft of land from historically low-to-middle income communities of color by city governments and real estate developers. Many of the tactics displayed in Palestine are mirrored in the struggles within cities here in the United States, from environmental racism and the denial of safe drinking water, to the segregation, imprisonment, and disenfranchisement of communities of color struggling for justice.

The struggle against gentrification is global.  What we face in Brooklyn is just the the latest in a long line of colonizing ventures aimed at the appropriation of land and resources from Indigenous peoples, people of color, and working class communities.  We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all those fighting for liberation. BAN stands in complete solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian liberation, decries Israel’s occupation and human rights abuses, and calls for an immediate end to United States’ funding of this apartheid regime.

The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network




The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s Statement on the Bushwick Rezoning Published May 21,2018

The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) in solidarity with our member organization Mi Casa No Es Su Casa opposes the current plan to rezone the neighborhood of Bushwick as endorsed by Brooklyn Community Board 4 with Council Members Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal. We know all too well that the process of rezoning, the change of land use initiated under the guise of community preservation and additional affordable housing, far too often becomes a hostage situation where communities bargain for crumbs with the city or risk getting nothing. The general public should understand  that rezoning is an opportunity for real estate interests to raise real estate prices and their subsequent abilities to make profits under our feet, and that no level of additional services or amenities that our neighborhoods already deserve should be used to justify this fact.

When Mayor De Blasio was first elected mayor in 2013, his answer to the city’s housing crisis was a plan that called for the construction and preservation of 200,000 affordable units across the city. The majority of this goal would be through saving units from falling out of the state’s rent stabilization program but 80,000 of that number would be newly built in fifteen communities chosen to be rezoned for increased density to accommodate that new construction. In addition, the city passed a new housing policy, known as Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, to encourage more affordable units across the city, but only mandatory after a neighborhood is rezoned. This policy was the supposed solution to counteract the a wave of market rate development coming not only to the targeted communities of the rezonings but citywide.

But what happens when affordable housing isn’t affordable enough for the community already there? During the Bloomberg administration, dozens of neighborhoods were rezoned in ways that changed the rental landscape of the city, often subsidized by programs such as the 421a tax abatement and with very few demands of developers for affordable housing and no protections for current tenants. One of the worst examples was the Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront rezoning, where in exchange for an upzoning that would allow 20 and 30 story towers, promises were made but not kept and new developments have led to the displacement of tens of thousands of former rent stabilized tenants and small businesses within the rezoned and adjacent areas.

Fast forward a dozen years and the failures of that process have shown up on the steps of Bushwick, which has seen some of the highest rent increases over the past 10 years and has been found to be the neighborhood most likely to have housing code violations in the city. In 2014, Brooklyn Community Board 4 with Council Members Antonio Reynoso and Rafael Espinal created a process they have called the “Bushwick Community Plan”, which now consists of a Steering Committee for mostly staff of nonprofits that stand to potentially gain through improved relationships with council members based on their support of the process and may have disproportionate power over which parts of the community are represented in these conversations and which are not. Truly, the Bushwick Community Plan has been anything but community focused, as was best exemplified by Brooklyn Department of City Planning director Winston Von Engel when he said at a February community meeting about the plan that “our intention is to preserve the character and the buildings, not the people in them.”

We as the residents of this city must recognize this Freudian slip for the truth it holds of this process. The goal of the dozens of small meetings behind closed doors has never been to address the needs of Bushwick residents for better enforcement of tenant law against landlords, seek to use land available for the creation of affordable housing or for additional municipal services – school seats, public transportation, garbage removal, etc – that many local residents have advocated for in good faith. What has actually happened is an illusion of democracy that is being calibrated to both meet the mayor’s intended quota for the neighborhood and minimize potential community backlash. The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network demands no more rezonings as a tool to allow record real-estate profits in the name of community preservation and for the Bushwick Plan Steering Committee to end this process before irreparable harm is done to the neighborhood.

For more info contact : 646-820-6039| info@BANgentrification.org

Attention New York:

New York City is having City Charter Reform.  The main purpose is being proposed by Mayor de Blasio for election reform, however, it is the law that the City Charter Commission must come into the communities and get feedback from the people regarding what changes they will like to see.

The more focus the public is on a particular issue the more of a chance it has of becoming an issue that could be addressed and changes made.

BAN – The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network has been calling for a Charter Reform since 2016, to address some of the serious issues that we are facing around dysfunctional community boards and their power over land use issues.

As a result MTOPP has provided a detailed description of some of the major issues facing Community Boards in NYC, by using Community Board 9 in Brooklyn behavior over the last four years.

Charter Revision

On MTOPP’s website a page has been organized to get you to know the City Charter and to make recommendations to it regarding three issues: Community BoardsConflict Of Interest, and Uniform Land Use Review Procedure “ULURP.

In each section the law is cited, examples of issues that are now occurring  are given and then a list of proposals and or modifications.  You are welcome to come up with your own modification or changes, ours is meant only as a guideline and of course you can address any other aspect of the City Charter that you choose.

Table of Contents

City Charter Chapter 70 Community Boards
Appointment of Community Board Members
Board Members Can Be District Managers
Monetary Funds of Community Boards
Residents Allowed to Speak at All Meetings
Non-Board Members on Committees
Community Boards Must Reach Out to Community
Power of Community Boards to Make Decisions
Investigation of Unlawful Acts of Board Members
Public Hearing and Recommendation on Land Use Applications

City Charter Chapter 8 – Uniform Land Use Review Procedure “ULURP
City Planning Commission and CB Voting Choices on ULURP
Community Board Votes are Advisory on Land Use issues

City Charter Chapter 68 Conflict of Interest Law
Conflict Of Interest Training and Plan Requirements
Conflict of Interest Board “COIB” Advisory Opinions
How COIB Processes Complaints
Restrictions of Board Members Regarding Conflict of Interest laws

CB9’s Failure To Comply with the New York City Charter
CB Vote and Recommendations on ULURP applications
CB must hold public hearings on Needs of community.
The requirement to conduct meeting within Community District
CB Committee meetings must be Open to the Public
CB must Consider Needs of it Residents
CB Must Give Notice of it Meetings and Hearings

History of City Charter Reform Regarding Community Boards

The first major Charter Reform for Community Boards “CBs”was in 1975,where the City Charter helped to empower CBs, by insisting they be apart of the Uniform Land Use Review Process “ULURP”, money was given for CBs’ to hire staff including a District Manager and the ULURP was put into place regarding proposed changes to rezonings.

This was done due to the tremendous push back during the 1960’s civil rights movement, which had led to the State passing a law in 1972, for New York City to  “encourage genuine citizen  participation in local city government”.

In 1989 another monumental Charter Reform was done where again Community Boards was one of the focuses.  It was here that the City Charter Commissiondeclared “Sunshine on Community Board Committees and their documents”, which lead to the requirement that all community boards must adhere to the Open Meetings Law and at every open meeting the public should be allowed to speak.

These steps were enacted because of the serious complaints so many residents had about CBs’ meetings happening in private homes, the refusal to allow residents to attend meetings, documents being withheld from the public andcommunity residents not being allowed to speak.

City Charter Hearings Being Held In Brooklyn.

The New York City Charter Revision Hearings are happening all over the City in each Borough. The One in Brooklyn is being held right in Community Board 9’s backyard!

If there are things that you don’t like about the Land Use Process, i.e. the way they can now break height limits to build 42 stories in 6/7 story height limited zones, about how Community Boards are run, how candidates are allowed to create non-profit organizations and then solicit funds for their campaigns through these non-profits,  well here is the moment to have your voice heard!

You don’t have to know the City Charter you just have to give your complaint and possibly have a solution to it.

Date: Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6 pm
Location: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden – 1000 Washington Ave, corner of Montgomery St.

Directions: Q,B and S train to Prospect Park, walk up Washington Ave.
2 and 3 trains to Brooklyn Museum walk down Washington Ave.

Community Outreach this Saturday March 10th 10am-3pm at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Join the facebook event for more info and to receive updates. Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network is doing community outreach to Brooklyn Botanic Garden members to spread awareness and engage folks in the struggle to prevent the proposed 920 Franklin Ave rezoning project (the largest planned development in Brooklyn along the Garden).

Come join the fight against Racism, Gentrification and the Destruction of Public Open Space!

We need volunteers to hand out flyers at three entrances. Please message us or contact info@BANgentrification.org if you are able to help.

BACKGROUND: In 1991 the Department of City Planning cited: “…the possibility of shadows from new tall buildings being cast on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Greenhouses for detrimentally long period”, to justify placing height restriction of 6 to 7 stories on Franklin Ave.

Now the same Department of City Planning is planning on approving Developer Bruce Eichner’s proposal to place 42 story buildings under the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program “MIH”.

The developers are making the claim that they are going to provide 50% affordable housing for this development, but we know this is simply a Trojan Horse for Gentrification, causing a wave of displacement of the existing tenants and home owners.

Professor Tom Angotti, former Director of the Hunter College Center for Community Planning and Development of City Planning at the Community Board 9 Land Use committee meeting on February 13, 2018 where the development proposal was presented, described this project as “Gentrification on Steroids”.

With almost 90,000 people homeless in NYC, allowing another affordable neighborhood to become unaffordable is just criminal; especially since we are not only the 2nd most affordable community, we are also the most densely populated area in Brooklyn!

BAN objects to allowing big time developers and compromised local elected officials to use the creation of “affordable” housing as a way to destroy our public green spaces. (Esteban Giron from Crown Heights Tenant Union, at the same above cited meeting stated that every local elected official has been getting money from Bruce Eichner and partners.)

It is clear that if the Department of City Planning was concerned about 13 story buildings having a negative effect upon the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, then clearly 42 would be catastrophic.

BBG has over 18,000 members and over 900,000 visitors last year! We are reaching these members and visitors and engaging them in the process to stop this project.

We are fighting for our homes, our loved ones, our communities, and our Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we will not allow the real estate industry to use the devastation of our community and our Garden to enrich themselves for Garden Views.

#BANGentrification #TakeBackOurCommunities #BKRiseUp,#BKFightsRacism #BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter,#EndBrokenWindows #HereToStay

New Video on Deputy Mayor Glen

Alicia ‘The Grinch’ Glen Must Go! December 17th, 1-3pm, 105th & West End Ave

Join us Sunday December 17th for our second annual holiday visit to the home of Deputy Mayor Alicia ‘the Grinch’ Glen. In her role overseeing NYC housing and economic development, Glen’s policies have consistently sold out NYC communities and contributed to mass displacement and rising homelessness in NYC–all while lining the pockets of her real estate developer friends.

Through it all, she has dismissed legitimate community concern and outrage as ‘fear of change’, and has compared forced displacement and homelessness to her personal experience of losing her favorite dry cleaner. Only a Grinch could be so callous.

Join us for a lively afternoon of caroling, costumes, and a special reading of How Alicia Stole the City! Wear red and bring your jingle bells, santa hats, and other holiday gear. We’ll be spreading seasonal cheer, and demanding that The Grinch Must Go! Join the facebook event for updates, and invite your networks!

Endorsers (List in Formation):
Art Against Displacement
Bay Ridge for Social Justice
Corporate Campaign Organization
Crown Heights Tenants Union
Gays Against Guns
Mi Casa No Es Su Casa

Endorse today! Email info@bangentrification.org to add your organization.


78th Precinct Denies Sound Permit for #BKMarch2017 opening rally and community speakout at 1st Brooklyn-wide MARCH AGAINST GENTRIFICATION, RACISM, AND POLICE VIOLENCE

Over 90 endorsers say: WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED or BULLIED BY POLITICIANS or the POLICE!  We will be at Barclays Center at 11am as planned! #BrooklynIsNotForSale

On July 20, 2017,The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) submitted an application for a sound permit to hold a rally at Barclay’s Center from 11am-12pm for the September 9th Brooklyn March Against Gentrification, Racism, and Police Violence. Almost​ ​100​ ​community-based​ ​organizations,​ ​small​ ​businesses,​ ​tenant associations,​ ​families​ ​impacted​ by ​police​ ​violence,​ ​and​ ​local​ ​chapters​ ​of​ ​national​ ​anti-police​ ​brutality​ ​groups have endorsed the march.

Since that time, the 78th precinct has stalled the process for obtaining the permit repeatedly until, just 18 hours before the event, they denied the sound permit for Barclays Center. Instead, the NYPD recklessly suggests that hundreds of community residents gather on a dangerous, heavily-trafficked corner down the block from Barclays Center.

The 78th Police Precinct has also made the false claim that the permit was denied because of pending activities at the Barclays Center, when there is nothing scheduled either day or night at the arena.

What we do know is that Barclays Center, an infamous symbol of gentrification, is part of Councilperson Laurie Cumbo’s district. BAN, and many of the endorsers of the #BKmarch2017, have been very vocal opponents of her plan to build a massive luxury development at the Bedford Armory.  What we know for sure is that within the last two years there have been almost 30,000 residents – largely low-to-middle income people of color that have been displaced from her district due to gentrification. What we know for sure is that police brutality and harassment are rampant in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. For all these reasons we are marching on September 9th. This attempt at silencing our communities only strengthens our resolve.

We are fighting for our homes, our loved ones, our communities, and we will not let racist cops or corrupt politicians stand in our way!

With or without a sound permit, we will rally tomorrow at Barclays Center. Stand with us!  Stand against Police oppression. Stand with us against Politicians who support gentrification and displacement of people of color.  Stand with us, as we march, united, strong and determined!!! #BrooklynIsNotforSale

Brooklyn-wide Day of Action against Racism, Gentrification & Police Brutality











Endorse now! Join the September 9th March Against Racism, Gentrification, and Police Brutality

Our neighborhoods are being torn apart by skyrocketing rents and terrorized by police brutality. Low-to-middle income New Yorkers are being priced out or displaced by gentrification while our city is being made over into a playground for the super rich.

We say NO MORE! Gather for a community speak out this Saturday, 11am, at Barclays, followed by a march at 12pm with rallies at Ebbets Field (1:30pm), Von King Park (3:30pm) and Wyckoff Plaza (5:30pm).

Endorse TODAY! To have your group, business or organization endorse the Brooklyn-wide March against Racism, Gentrification & Police Brutality email: info@bangentrification.org or call/text (646) 820 -6039. Join our facebook event for updates.

Download flyers in Spanish (front and back), Creole (front), Chinese (front and back), English (front and back), Japanese (front and back), French (front and back), Arabic (front and back), Russian (front and back). 


The Brooklyn March Against Gentrification, Racism, and Police Violence  

Initiated by The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)

March Endorsers as of August 21st

*denotes BAN Member Organization 

#BKMarch2017#BANGentrification #TakeBackOurCommunities

  • The 60 Turner Place Tenants Association
  • The 332 Rutland Road Tenants Association
  • The 441 Brooklyn Avenue Tenants Association
  • The 486 Brooklyn Avenue Tenants Association
  • ACT-UP Boston
  • Artists Of Color Bloc
  • The Artist Studio Affordability Project*
  • Bangla4Justice – Justice Translators
  • The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)
    Black Lives Matter  – NYC Chapter
  • Black Lives Matter of Greater New York
  • The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • Brooklyn for Peace
  • Brooklyn Laundry Social Club
  • Brooklyn Resists
  • Brooklyn Treasures Uncovered
  • The Bronx is Not for Sale
  • Brown Memorial Baptist Church
  • Busk NY
  • CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities
  • City Acupuncture Bed-Stuy
  • The Coalition to End Broken Windows
  • The Co-Editors and Contributors of Zoned Out! Race, Displacement, and City Planning in New York City
  • The Crown Heights Tenants Union-CHTU
  • The Crystal House Project of The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement*
  • The CUNY Adjunct Project
  • Democratic Socialists of America – DSA-NYC
  • Dismantle the Armory Deal Initiative (DADI)
  • Donkeysaddle Projects
  • Educated Little Monsters-ELM
  • Elevtr Trax
  • El Grito de Sunset Park *
  • Errol’s Bakery and Catering
  • Equality for Flatbush*
  • The Family of Shantel Davis
  • Fight Back BayRidge
  • Flower Lovers Against Corruption (FLAC)
  • Fort Greene Peace
  • FUREE (Families United for Racial and Economic Equality)*
  • The Grand Putnam Tenants Association
  • Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees
  • Harriet’s Apothecary
  • Hoods4Justice
  • Imani House, Inc
  • JACK *
  • The Justice Committee
  • #JusticeforAkaiGurley
  • The Law Offices of Alex Franco
  • Mayday Space
  • Met Council on Housing
  • Mi Casa No Es Su Casa: Illumination Against Gentrification*
    Movement for Justice in El Barrio
  • Movement to Protect the People (MTOPP)*
  • My Brooklyn, LLC, The Producer of the “My Brooklyn” Documentary
  • New York City Students for Justice in Palestine
  • New York Communities for Change (NYCC)
  • NYCORE (NY Collective of Radical Educators)
  • NYC Stands with Standing Rock
  • New York Council for Housing Development
  • The Peoples Cultural Plan
  • The People’s Power Assembly – NYC
  • The Philadelphia Tenants Union
  • Picture The Homeless
  • Progress Queens
  • Queens Anti-Gentrification Project
  • Queens is NOT for Sale
  • Queens Neighborhoods United
  • Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP)
  • Radix Media
  • Residentes De Sunset Park Housing / Small business rights
  • Resistencia Legal Alliance
  • Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping
  • Ridgewood Tenants Union
  • Safe Outside the System Collective of the Audre Lorde Project*
  • The Social Justice Social Practice Collective, Pratt Institute
  • Southwest Brooklyn Tenant Union*
  • Starr Bar
  • Third Root Community Health Center*
  • Trellis
  • Troll Hole NYC
  • Turiza Group Inc
  • URIP (The Undoing Racism Internship Project)
  • We Make Noise NYC
  • Workers World Party
  • Why Accountability

Endorse TODAY! To have your community group, anti-police brutality group or family, place of worship, small business, tenant organization, etc. endorse the Brooklyn-wide Day of Action against Racism, Gentrification & Police Brutality

Contact :  info@bangentrification.org or call/text (646) 820 -6039











Check out the short video below featuring BAN members Alicia Boyd and Anthony Rosado discussing gentrification and displacement in Brooklyn, and what we’re doing about it:

UPDATE: Due to community pressure, the developers Cornell Realty have backed off this project for now, but they promise they will come back once they have political support. We have won the battle but not the war–we must remain vigilant to ensure this development does not move forward when our backs are turned.

Take Action and help stop another luxury development in Brooklyn!

As Earth Day approaches, you can make a Difference in one of our most Cherished Green Spaces in New York City!

Sign our Petition and Let Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo know
that we do not want high rise development along the Brooklyn Botanic Garden  “BBG”.
The three blocks of development will cast major shadows in the garden for hours
and destroy our view of this 100+ year old public open green space!

Information: In 1991 BBG requested and secured 6/7 story height limits 
along its perimeter to protect itself against high rise developments.

Now in 2016, Cornell Realty, a major developer,
has requested a rezoning of three blocks in this protected area.
They want to build 230 ft. tall buildings in a 60/70 ft. story height limited zone!
That is over 300%.
Click here for more information.

Click Here it Sign Our Petition to Save BBG!

#byeAlicia   #WantedforDisplacement

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Raquel Namuche, (929) 251 – 5044

Zakiyah Sayeed, (917) 547-1760

Protest Commenced on Sunday Outside of Alicia Glen’s Upper West Side Home Amidst Scandal of her Giving Donors Special Access

Residents from Across the City participated in a Direct Action to Demand Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen Step Down

NEW YORK – Dozens of residents gathered outside of the home of Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen demanding she step down. As scandals continue to break around the Administration’s cozy nature with developers, her specific role in selling out the low-income housing movement has created tension throughout communities. Using the hashtags, #byeAlicia and #WantedforDisplacement, residents representing the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens gathered on Sunday, December 18 to demand her resignation and that the Mayor do more for low-income New Yorkers.

Links to pictures and videos:

Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, former Goldman Sachs employee, has demonstrated a pattern of not understanding the effects gentrification has had and continues to have on communities of color and the contribution gentrification has to the rising homelessness crisis. In a 2015 interview with VICE News she stated, “The reason why so many people are pissed is that they have been conditioned to the fear of change. I don’t like it when my dry cleaner changes ownership. It pisses me off because I’ve known those people for years. It stresses me out. I don’t like change. But change is inevitable and so how you shape the future is incredibly important as opposed to letting it wash over you. Because it’s coming”, Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen. With shelter numbers reaching nearly 70,000 and the direct relationship between rezoning and homelessness, as cited in the New York Time profile of the Bed-Stuy Rezoning, residents on Sunday wanted to make it clear that Alicia Glen is dangerously unfit for the position she holds and she must step down.

“The city is not only enabling the practices of predatory landlords and developers that place poor New Yorkers at risk of being displaced from their communities but is also giving a free pass and millions of city dollars to non-profit organizations that run homeless shelters that are extremely unsafe.  Alicia Glen says she wishes the city had more money to invest in housing, well for many years homeless rights advocates have been trying to push the city to redirect the millions of dollars being pumped to the shelter system into the creation of low-income housing.  It is obvious that solving the housing crisis is not a priority for Alicia Glen or the Mayor” Raquel Namuche, Queens Is Not For Sale.

Residents on Sunday chanted “Alicia Glen, how do you pay your rent?” a chant in direct reference to the new developments of the NY1 Agent of the City reports as well as the NY Daily News Report about donations made to the De Blasio administration in exchange for meetings with Glen to get their projects approved. As NY Daily News reports, “During the 15-month period, her schedule shows about half of her meetings or calls with non-City Hall employees — 95 — were with 42 individuals who had hosted fund-raisers, gathered campaign donations for de Blasio or given to the mayor’s non-profit, the now-defunct Campaign for One New York.” Residents at the protest on Sunday stated that it is impossible for Glen, and the Administration, to represent the needs of low-income New Yorkers when this type of behavior is going on.

“Every-day New Yorkers are not given the same level of access to this administration as the for-profit developers. This imbalance of access has resulted in housing policies that drastically benefit the profits of developers while New Yorkers, who have contributed generations of taxes, labor, and love into this city, are being displaced daily. There must be accountability and transparency so that we know we are being given the best deal for all of New York not just the best deals for the pockets of developers”, Anna Burnham, Brooklyn Resident and Housing Organizer.  

The protest was well received by those passing by and people were eager to hear about the ways Glen has contributed to the displacement of longtime New Yorkers. There was one confrontation with Glen’s husband, who crumbled a flyer and threw it at one of the demonstrators stating that we needed to “go away” and “how dare you protest a public official at their home”. Protests will continue throughout the election year because those in attendance on Sunday firmly believe that, if De Blasio is granted a second term, Alicia Glen should not be.

“Alica Glen enjoys the privilege of living in the community she grew up in while serving as the architect of so many New Yorkers’ displacement. And we, the residents of New York are paying for it figuratively and literally! We want to be afforded the same privilege that she is, the right to stay in the neighborhood that we have grown up in, invested in and been nourished by. Something tells me, that if developers were coming into her neighborhood and disguising the removal of she and her neighbors as a plan to create more affordable housing,she would not be so accepting of this so called inevitable change” Zakiyah Sayyed, Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network.


Join Us to Protest the REBNY Annual ‘Deal of the Year’ Charity & Awards Gala this Wednesday October 26th 6-8pm  

Join our facebook event and help us spread the word on social media!

rebnyThe Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), a notorious lobbying group responsible for luxury development and displacement in New York City, will be holding their 28th Annual “Deal of the Year” Charity and Awards Gala, this Wednesday, October 26th. Participants, which include the city’s largest landlords and developers, as well as many high-profile elected officials, pay $550 and up to schmooze and reward the top sales and rental deals completed in 2015-2016. Proceeds from this “charity” gala will benefit REBNY’s “Member in Need Fund,” which is, of all New Yorkers in need,a residential landlord experiencing hardship.

And, REBNY had the nerve to make the gala disco-themed, a dance music genre that emerged in the Black community. We find this cultural appropriation particularly insulting knowing that REBNY is a major actor in the systematic displacement of low-to-middle income communities of color. The entertainer for the night is disco legend Gloria Gaynor, whose greatest hit is an anthem of resilience and defiance. As a Black feminist and LGBTQ icon, we are asking her to support the struggle of our communities by not performing at the gala.

There is nothing to celebrate about corporate greed and profiting off our communities. Join the Brookkyn Anti-Gentrification Network and allies in protesting this grand gathering of key players in gentrification and displacement. #WeWillSurvive #HousingNotHorsDoeuvres #NoAwardsForDisplacement


Join Us to Protest the Make It In Brooklyn Innovation Summit this Wednesday September 28th at 5:30pm

Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network calls on members, friends and allies to join us in a community speak out to protest the Make it in Brooklyn Innovation Summit, where participants pay $400 to schmooze with ‘real estate titans’ and Brooklyn’s ‘builders founders and startups’.  The event is hosted by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, a champion for the 2004 rezoning that has led to the rapid gentrification and displacement of low-to-middle income residents in Downtown Brooklyn. Help us spread the word–join our facebook event and share with your community!

Join us on the 28th to call these self-proclaimed “innovators” out for what they really are–agents of gentrification and displacement. #WhoseCity? #OurCity! #BANgentrification #BrooklynIsNotForSale


The Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network Statement on the Mayor’s Housing Plan

For Immediate Release March 28th 2016
Contact: Imani Henry 646-342-9673| info@BANgentrification.org

BAN launches “Whose City? Our City?” Campaign Demanding Elected Community Boards with Veto Power to Ensure Real Accountability to the People.

Press Conference and Community Speak-Out, Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at Brooklyn Borough Hall

As staunch advocates for affordable housing and stopping the rampant displacement of residents in our communities, The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) is deeply outraged at the recent passage of Mayor De Blasio’s ‘affordable housing’ amendment texts – Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) and the Zone for Quality Affordability (ZQA).

While the MIH/ZQA amendments promise to create 200,000 “affordable” units, only 20 percent of the so called “affordable” units will be priced at 40 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) in the rezoned neighborhoods, which is about $31,000 per year for a family of three. That is still beyond the reach of many low income families and will not slow the displacement of families citywide. More than a quarter of New York City households make less than $25,000 a year.

BAN, along with other tenant rights and housing advocacy groups citywide, has denounced MIH/ZQA since it was proposed. In fact, 52 out of 59 community boards voted AGAINST these amendments, but the Mayor dismissed their disapproval, noting that the role of Community Boards in such critical decisions is merely advisory.

Community Boards arose in the 1970’s when communities across the city demanded a say in the use of land in their neighborhoods. However, the Mayor’s flippant dismissal of the overwhelming community disapproval of his housing amendments highlights the
need for Community Boards to have a more empowered and meaningful role in Land Use. Because community boards lack this power, thousands of NYC residents now face a disastrous development plan, imposed on us against our will, that will bring even greater displacement to our communities.

This is why BAN is launching our “Whose City? Our City?” Campaign demanding that the City Charter be changed to put true power to influence decisions in the hands of the people. First, Community Boards must be granted real planning and veto power and not just be advisory when it comes to land use plans. Second, Community Board members must be elected by the communities they serve, not appointed by Borough Presidents, to ensure their accountability to the people.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, BAN will hold a Press Conference and Community Speak-Out regarding these two demands. We will also announce a recently filed Lawsuit against Community Board 9 in Brooklyn, seeking for the first time in the history of Community Boards, the removal of four Community Board members who have displayed unprofessional and unlawful behavior, while working to support a rezoning on behalf of Borough President Eric Adams and the Real Estate Industry.

Member Organizations of The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) as of March 28, 2016:

  • The 320 Sterling Street Tenants Association
  • The Artist Studio Affordability Project
  • The Audre Lorde Project
  • The Bushwick Cop Watch Team of Peoples’ Justices for Community Control & Police Accountability
  • The Crystal House Project of The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
  • The East Flatbush Cop Watch Team of Peoples’ Justices for Community Control & Police Accountability
  • El Grito de Sunset Park
  • Equality for Flatbush
  • Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE)
  • JACK
  • Movement to Protect The People
  • Northwest Bushwick Community Group
  • Reclaim Bushwick
  • Third Root Community Health Center

The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) is a mass-based coalition of tenants, homeowners, block associations, anti-police brutality groups, and legal and grassroots organizations working together to end the rampant gentrification and displacement of low to middle income residents of Brooklyn

To read BAN’s ten point platform see: https://bangentrification.org/about/
March 30th Press Conference Facebook event:
Facebook page: The Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network – BAN
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/BANgentrifying
Website: bangentrification.org

About BAN:

The Brooklyn  Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) is a people of color-led, mass-based coalition of tenants, homeowners, block associations, anti-police brutality groups, legal and grassroots organizations working together to end the rampant gentrification and displacement of low to middle income residents of Brooklyn, New York.

Click here to see our full list of demands.

Member Organizations of The Brooklyn  Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)

The 320 Sterling Street Tenants Association
The Artist Studio Affordability Project
The Audre Lorde Project
The Bushwick Cop Watch Team of Peoples’ Justices for Community Control & Police Accountability
The Crystal House Project of The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
The East Flatbush Cop Watch Team of Peoples’ Justices for Community Control & Police Accountability
El Grito de Sunset Park
Equality for Flatbush
Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE)
Movement to Protect The People
Northwest Bushwick Community Group
Reclaim Bushwick
Third Root Community Health Center

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